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Unit 16, 64-66 Bannister Road, Canning Vale WA 6155

Link Accounting & Business Solutions is a firm of professionals that provides quality, proactive and tailored services to a diverse range of clients. The majority of our clients are owner-operated businesses requiring taxation and business advice.

Len King, principal and founder of the firm, is a registered Tax Agent and Company Director who is passionate about forming long term relationships with clients and providing relevant and timely service and advice.

Link Accounting & Business Solutions are among more than 80 accountancy practices across Australasia that has joined forces to create a professional network and share their intellectual property and specialist knowledge. Len and our proactive team are also members of Accounting Professional Bodies such as the Institute of Public Accountants and Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, with the knowledge and resources to deliver accounting, taxation, and advice of the highest professional standard, as and when required by clients.

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