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We are a public accounting firm that provides the full range of accounting services from normal compliance work to complex superannuation audits and administration, we also provide Xero setup and bookeeping services. However we are accountants with a difference in that we have invested heavily in the Business Growth System, without doubt the most succesful sales and marketing system for small to medium size businesses in the world which all our business clients have FREE access to. (worth $6000 a year) In this way we also act as business growth advisors ensuring our clients businesses reach their full potential. ....and if you need any more convincing here are some real results from business owners just like you who implemented the system (and we have hundreds more).... "Our sales have more than quadrupled in 8 short months.Need I say anything else, except thank you." Rosemary McIvor, Managing Director - O'Briens "Last year our previous ad generated next to no extra business (in fact we were thinking of taking our ad out completely), but the new ad generates at least half a dozen leads every week and we convert 3/4 of them into clients. Each client is worth about $2500, that's a massive return on investment" Adrian Ganderton, Partner - Bray & Bray Solicitors Visit our website and sign up for our Free Business Builder Report.. Our offices are situated in Joondalup.
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